Dental Tips to Make Your Smile Shine for the New Year

Dental Tips to Make Your Smile Shine for the New Year

A new year brings new opportunities to do things better. By now, you probably have a list of goals and resolutions that you want to implement in 2022. Are you hoping to smile more in the coming year? If so, you need to make sure that you have a good reason to smile. 


You can give your oral health a boost in the new year. Achieving a healthier and brighter smile in the coming year is easy. Here are dental tips to make your smile shine for the new year.



Up Your Dental Hygiene Game



Brushing your teeth two times a day is a good place to start, but you need to add flossing to your routine. Brushing your teeth is not adequate to get rid of all the food particles, especially those between the teeth. 


Commit to flossing your teeth regularly in the new year. If you wear braces, take extra care when brushing and flossing to clean around the brackets and wires. Some special brushes and flosses make the process easier. 



Watch What You Eat and Drink



Your diet will affect not just your physical health but also your oral health. Eating healthy foods will help keep your teeth and gums strong. Foods that are high in calcium will keep your teeth strong. 


Avoid sugary snacks and foods that cause the accumulation of bacteria. Substitute juice and soda with water and snack on fruit and nuts instead of the sweet treats. A new year is a good time to start a new healthy diet after the damage from the holidays.



Professional Teeth Whitening



You can accomplish your goal of having a white and bright smile in the new year through teeth whitening. Foods and drinks have a staining effect on the teeth. Teeth also tend to change color with age, and even the most diligent brushing cannot reverse this. 


OTC whitening products can help, but they have limited effects. Professional teeth whitening can help reverse the dull and discolored look, giving you a white smile. 



Scheduling a Dental Appointment



This is a good time to schedule an appointment with the dentist. The dentist will look for signs of cavities and any other issues that can affect your smile in the new year. If you experience any tooth sensitivity, it is a sign that you need to have your teeth checked. 


If you need any dental work, the dentist will come up with the best treatment before your condition gets worse. Healthy gums and teeth will help ensure that you smile with confidence in the coming year.



Kick the Unhealthy Habits



Some habits affect not just your dental health but also your overall health. Smoking is one of the worst offenders when it comes to oral health. Do yourself a favor this new year and kick the bad habit. You will have something to smile about when tobacco stains and foul odor are a thing of the past.


Remember that when it comes to cleaning your teeth, how you do it is just as important as doing it regularly. Use the right toothbrush and make sure that you replace your brushes every three months.


For more dental tips to make your smile shine for the new year, visit Castro Valley Dentistry at our office in Castro Valley, California. You can call (510) 674-0900 today to schedule an appointment.

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