What Is the Process of Getting a Dental Crown?

What Is the Process of Getting a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an effective solution for a range of dental issues. It can improve the appearance of a misshapen or discolored tooth. It can also support a tooth damaged by cavities and prevent any further harm to one that's worn away. Not only can a crown cover a dental implant, but it can also hold a severely broken tooth together. Are you interested in this long-term treatment option to restore your damaged tooth? Here's what you can expect from a dental crown procedure:


  • First Appointment 

    • The process of getting a dental crown generally requires a couple of visits to your oral care provider. Your dentist will clean your mouth and examine your tooth during your first appointment to see if it can support a crown. X-rays will also be taken of the tooth and the bone around it. Then, the dentist will file down your tooth to prepare it for the crown. It needs to be shaped so the crown will fit nicely in place. The amount of filing required depends on the type of crown you will receive. Once your tooth is ready, the dentist will take an impression of your tooth and its surrounding structures. This mold will be sent to a laboratory where technicians will create a custom crown specifically for you. It usually takes a week or so to fabricate your crown. So, you can expect your dentist to provide you with a temporary crown to wear in the meantime. 


  • Second Appointment 

    • ​​​​​​​As soon as your new crown is available, you'll go back to your dentist for the second appointment. This is when you will receive the permanent crown. After removing your temporary crown, your dentist will inspect the replacement's shape, color, and fit. If the permanent crown fits properly, it will then be anchored in place using an adhesive. Your dentist may use a numbing agent as well during this process to ensure that you're as comfortable as possible the entire time. 


Is It Possible to Get My Dental Crown on the Same Day?


Yes. Some dental clinics offer a same-day crown procedure through computer-aided design (CAD). Also known as a single sitting or one-day crown, this option lets you get your permanent crown within just two hours. A machine will mill your new crown in the office on the spot, which means that you have to wait and you won’t need a temporary crown, either.


The CAD process works as follows: A scanning device takes images of your tooth, and the CAD software uses these pictures to make a 3-D model of your tooth. The computer program will then send this model to a machine to mill the crown from ceramic material.  The production process takes approximately 15 minutes. Once ready, your dentist will cement your new crown in place. 


Besides ceramic, there are other types of materials used to produce dental crowns, including porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, and glass, among others. But no matter which you choose, ensure that you consult your dentist first. Do you want to learn more about dental crown procedures, the recovery process, and care and maintenance? Call Castro Valley Dentistry today in Castro Valley, California at (510) 674-0900 to make an appointment.

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