Dental Implants Cost Options?

The cost of paying for dental care and any associated oral surgeries is something that is a significant concern for many people. As we know, quality medical care can quickly become very expensive, and as such, patients often try and avoid any sort of medical or dental appointment that isn’t an absolute necessity.

Have you had the suggestion to have oral surgery due to problems such as jaw inflammation, infection, bone resorption due to tooth loss, or an inability to chew your food? At Castro Valley Dentistry we treat each patient’s individual need.

Dental implants can dramatically improve the quality of life for many older patients who struggle with the temporary nature of dentures and find that they do not give them the support that they need. Not only that, but dental implants could help improve your oral and general health.

If you have any questions about dental implants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable and experienced dental team at Castro Valley Dentistry, we are here to answer any questions you might have.

Dental Implant Surgery

Some people think that a dental implant procedure is performed purely for cosmetic reasons, however, Dental Implants can also have significant health benefits associated with implant placement. Strengthening the jawbone is very important to the Dental Implant.

Once a tooth has been extracted or lost the bone will naturally start to deteriorate. Fractures are more common, and problems with the surrounding teeth are more likely to cause your facial profile to be compromised with the bone structure beginning to collapse, causing your jaw to ‘melt’ into the neck. In many instances, the effect can be so pronounced, patients will experience pain and discomfort when eating and even difficulty speaking.

Placing an implant post actually strengthens the jaw bone since it encourages fresh growth to hold the implant post in place.

This is known as osseointegration. If you are experiencing these issues as a result of bone deterioration in your jaw, you may qualify to have some of the costs of implant placement covered by your dental insurance.

Similarly, patients who suffer from chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, thrombosis, COPD, GERD, and diabetes are more likely to also suffer from dental disease.

What is Dental Disease?

Patients who suffer from chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, thrombosis, COPD, GERD, and diabetes are more likely to also suffer from dental disease.

Dental disease is a key contributor to gum tissue recession, tooth loss, and jawbone deterioration. Therefore, if you suffer from these conditions you may find that you are eligible to have some of the cost of your Dental implant procedure covered by your Insurance. Castro Valley Dentistry will help walk you through the process.

How do I know how much my Dental Insurance will cover for my Dental Implant procedure?

In order to determine your coverage, we will need to firstly find out which Insurance plan you currently have, as not all plans include dental services. If your plan is due for renewal and you would like to find out which plan will ensure that you have the best coverage for your circumstances and that could make your dental implants affordable, please contact our experienced and knowledgeable team at Castro Valley Dentistry will help with all the details.

Castro Valley Dentistry offers to finance through Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, CareCredit® Patient Financing. It takes only minutes to apply, and you will typically receive a decision within seconds.

Medicare for Dental Implants?

Medicare is a health insurance provider that is specifically for patients age 65 and over who are deemed to have a medical necessity. In addition to conventional medical treatments, this can also include major oral surgery services. Medicare will typically cover at least part of the cost of treatment that is needed to prevent a condition that, left untreated, would worsen and have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing.

If you happen to be missing one or more teeth, dental implants could be the perfect solution for you! Dental implants are natural-looking and are permanently anchored into the patient’s jawbone and, unlike traditional bridges, no preparation of adjacent teeth is required.

It is important to replace missing teeth, because if left with spaces, your teeth can shift and cause a variety of other dental problems. Our dentists have extensive experience in treatment planning and designing implant solutions that are custom tailored for each individual patient. When your dental implants are placed, your jaw will bond and attach to the implant making them very strong and functional.

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